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Navy League Board Meeting Mar 12, 2020 5:30pm Attendees: Linda Grotton, Jerry Zinni, Laurie Zinni, Doug Thacker Notes: · Treasurer’s report attached o Only activity this past month was sending out deposits for the function room and the DJ for the Navy Ball. ($500 total, transferred from Savings) o Linda gave Doug a receipt for 2 Roosevelt NJROTC medals. o Linda gave Doug the 1099-INT from the credit union for our files. o Form 990N due in May. o Membership renewals (Maine Maritime Museum, Naval Aviation Museum) due in June. · Council Administration o Linda is working with Moncure & Barnicle to file the Annual Report with the Maine Secretary of State – due June 1. · Membership and Communications o The Maine Maritime Museum contacted us, saying that one of the benefits of our membership is for them to display a brochure or similar item at the museum. They asked if we could provide 50-100 that they could put on display. o Doug created a brochure last year to have at dinner meetings. He and Linda updated it, and Doug will look into getting them printed at Staples (on something a little nicer than ordinary photocopy paper). If cost is too much to print, we’ll stick with the photocopy version. · Support of Active Duty Sailors o Jerry contacted Chris Cameron (Bob’s son) of the Portland Sea Dogs, who is providing 3 dozen complimentary tickets to the May 16th (Armed Forces Day) game.  Is this seating in the picnic area or on the Green Monster? Jerry will ask.  DDG120 won’t have many sailors at that time, but DDG118 is very excited about this outing.  Navy League members will purchase their own tickets, but would like to sit with the sailors. o Due to COVID-19, we’re assuming that the Maine Mariners and Red Claws games will be cancelled or closed to the public, so we are not pursuing those at this time. · Coast Guard Sailor of the Year Awards Banquet o Jerry confirmed with CDR Hector Cintron that the awards banquet will be April 15th at the Holiday Inn Portland-by the Bay. o Cost will be $35 per person, which includes room rental, dinner, and desert. o The Coast Guard guy who handles fundraising is not available. Jerry will reach out to Brian Fournier for help with Fundraising for this event. o The Coast Guard expects 40-50 CG personnel to attend. o In addition to the awards, CDR Cintron expects presentations by each region leader.

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